Workshops and special sessions

Workshops and special sessions at BNA2021

Please see below for workshops and special sessions being held at BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience.  More will be added in coming months: check back for updates!

  1. Workshops
  2. Special sessions

1. Workshops

Open Labware - Building Open Science Equipment
Festival topic: Methods and technology development

Convened by Andre Maia Chagas and Thomas  Baden from the University of Sussex, UK.

Multi-omics analysis of the brain at single cell resolution - this session is sponsored by the UK Dementia Research Institute
Festival topic: Neurons and glia: Intrinsic properties, cell biology and cell types
Carlo Sala Frigerio, UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL, non-speaking co-chair
Viola Volpato, UK Dementia Research Institute at Cardiff, UK - A deep single cell atlas of the human substantia nigra to study Parkinson's Disease progression​
Sarah Marzi, UK Dementia Research Institute at Imperial, UK - Epigenetic regulation in neurodegenerative disease​
Jo Anne Stratton, McGill University, Montreal, Canada- Interpretation of sequencing data in brain tissue​
Seth Grant, University of Edinburgh, UK - Synapse proteome complexity and the architecture of synapse diversity​
Kenneth Harris, University College London, UK - Identifying fine cellular subtypes in situ with multiplexed in situ RNA sequencing
Johanna Jackson, UK Dementia Research Institute at Imperial, UK - non-speaking co-chair

Teaching Neuroscience​
Festival Topic: Other (teaching)

Volko Straub (co-chair), University of Leicester, UK - Practical classes without a manual​
Rosamund Langston, University of Dundee, UK - How to train your neuroscientist for a life less ordinary​​
David Martin, University of Dundee, UK - Swimming lessons for the neuroscience data lakes​

Using R​
Festival Topic: Other (credibility in neuroscience)

A hands-on session led by Professor Rik Henson to set you up for using R in your science life! 


2. Special sessions

Student session​
Led by and for students, convened by the BNA committee representative for students and Early Career Reserachers, Emma Soopramanien. 

Building Bridges Between: Industry and Academia 
Facilitating collaboration between neuroscientists in industry and academia, these sessions will explore key factors inhibiting effective translation of research between academia and industry, identifying how to achieve successful translation, and creating meaningful exchange of ideas and networking.

COVID19 and neuroscience
A complementary pair of special sessions in the programme looking at the latest research of COVID19's effects on the nervous system, considering the underlying neuroscience, and the neurological and psychiatric consequences.

Career speed-dating: limited spaces available
Always hugely popular at the real-life Festivals of Neuroscience, we will ensure that career speed-dating takes place at the online Festival too!  These sessions give the opportunity for postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers to meet people in the varied walks of life that can follow a neuroscience degree, whether that be in academia or beyond. A limited number of spaces are available, so make sure you book soon! 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in neuroscience
Examining where the field stands and how it can do better to be truly representative.

Green neuroscience
Are there ways we can reduce the detrimental environmental consequences of carrying out our research?  Can we reduce plastic-ware use, choose different ways to attend conferences (beyond COVID19!) and work together to make neursocience greener?