COVID-19 and neuroscience

09:00 - 10:20 BST | Tuesday 13th April 2021
14:40 - 16:00 BST | Wednesday 14th April 2021


Convened by Anne Lingford-Hughes, Imperial College London and Laura Benjamin, Laboratory of Molecular and Cell Biology, UCL.  

The neuroscience of COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection, is important to understand if we are to effectively prevent and treat its neurological and psychiatric consequences. Such consequences are likely to substantially contribute to longer-term enduring adverse outcomes of acute COVID-19 disease. 

Attending these complementary sessions will inform delegates about the current understanding on the neuroscience of COVID-19, as well as identify research questions that need to be addressed to increase our understanding going forward - which will be so important in the months and years ahead.

Session one - COVID-19 and Neuroscience: insight into the clinical and pre-clinical manifestations
09:00 BST, Tuesday 13th April

This session will focus on the common neurological and psychiatric manifestations, including cerebrovascular, neuroinflammatory and neurodegeneration from a clinical and pre-clinical perspective, providing a brief overview of the disease phenotype, management strategy, and an update on the pathobiology. A broader panel will contribute to the Q&A session.

Confirmed speakers and panellists include:

  • Chair: Anne Lingford-Hughes
  • Laura Benjamin, Laboratory of Molecular and Cell Biology, UCL - Cerebrovascular manifestations of COVID-19
  • Timothy Nicholson, KCL - Neuropsychiatric manifestations of COVID-19
  • Ross Paterson, UCL - Neuroinflammatory and Neurodegenerative manifestations of COVID-19
  • Madeline Lancaster, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge University - An update on the pathobiology of COVID-19 and the Central Nervous System
  • Followed by wider panel discussion with the speakers and panellists including
    Benedict Michael, University of Liverpool

Session two - Characterising COVID-19 with cohort studies: providing future evidence
14:40 BST, Wednesday 14th April

The second session will showcase and describe some of the large cohort studies emerging from the UK that explore both the mechanisms of disease and the longer-term neurological and psychiatric outcomes. This will provide much evidence in the future about managing such sequalae of COVID-19.  A broader panel will contribute to the Q&A session. 

Confirmed speakers and panellists include:

Chair: Laura Benjamin, Laboratory of Molecular and Cell Biology, UCL
Paul Harrison, University of Oxford - Electronic health record studies of neurological and psychiatric sequelae of COVID-19, and PHOSP-COVID study overview
Gerome Breen, Kings College London UK - The COVID-CNS study
Tom Solomon, University of Liverpool - Brain Infections Global COVID-Neuro Network
Masud Husain (panellist), University of Oxford 
Benedict Michael (panellist), University of Liverpool