BACN Annual Meeting

British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience Annual Meeting

We're delighted to include the Annual Meeting of the British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience (BACN) at BNA2021, after BACN's original plans for the meeting were disrupted by COVID19. 

To attend the BACN meeting you need to register for BNA2021. Because BACN is a Partnering Organisation, all BACN members are entitled to reduced fees: check details of Partner Organisation discounts here

Delegates attending the BACN sessions can of course access all other aspects of BNA2021 as well: all sessions, discussion forums, networking, exhibition and four months of recorded content online. 

The BACN Annual Meeting will take place 14-15 April 2021, in parallel to other Festival sessions. As far as possible, we have timetabled other sessions within the 'Cognition and behaviour' topic to take place 12-13 April, so that delegates interested in cognitive neuroscience will be able to attend these as well as the BACN meeting. 

Don't miss BACN's own session within the Festival as well - From Human Connectomics to Cognition​, 09:00 GMT Tuesday 13th April.

 Access recorded content of the full Festival programme, in your own time and at your own pace, right up to 15th August 2021. 
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BACN Annual Meeting

Wednesday 14th April 2021

14:40 - 16:00 BST | Symposium: Feeling Me, Feeling You: from bodily self-consciousness to social interactions

1. Anna Ciaunica, Institute of Philosophy, Porto/Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL, London - What Makes us Feel (Un)Real: Disembodied Self-Consciousness in Depersonalisation
2. Bigna Leggenhager, University of Zurich - Mutual interactions between the experience one’s own and other’s body
3. Helge Gillmeister, University of Essex - Extraordinary bodies: How the able-bodied brain perceives persons with physical disabilities
4. Tristan Bekinschtein, University of Cambridge - Finger misperceptions and cortical reorganization in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

16:00 - 17:00 BST | Early-Career Prize lecture: Dr. Beatriz Calvo-Merinho (City University, London) on
Embodied perception: the influence of sensorimotor expertise in action, emotion and aesthetic processing  

Thursday 15th April 2021

09:00 - 10:20 BST| Symposium: Memories are made of this: neural representations supporting recollection

1. Alexa Morcom, University of Sussex The role of cue overlap in the prioritisation of recollection
2. Jon Simons, University of CambridgeInsights from continuous retrieval measures into the precision of episodic memory representations
3. Natasha Sigala, University of SussexAssociative retrieval and recognition: insights from ageing and synaesthesia
4. Maria Wimber, University of Glasgow- Memories are reconstructed along a conceptual-to-perceptual representational gradient​

10:20 - 11:20 BST | Poster sesion 4

11:20 - 12:20 BST |  Mid-Career Prize lecture: Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg (University of Oxford) on
“Imaging and stimulating adaptive brain plasticity”

13:00 - 14:00 BST | President's Invited lecture: Professor Philippe Schyns (University of Glasgow) on
“Information processing in the Black Box of the brain (and deep networks)”

14:40 - 16:00 BST | Symposium: Synchronised brain rhythms – Coordinated mind 
Speakers: Christopher Benwell, Anne Keitel, Felix Siebenhühner, Charline Peylo, Benjamin Griffiths