Partnering organisations

The Festival is unique in creating a forum where multiple organisations join together to create a cross-disciplinary and celebratory neuroscience event, generating a genuinely diverse and stimulating mix of interests.

If you are a member of, or funded by, a Partnering Organisation, you can attend the Festival at significantly reduced rates.  See full details below.

Festival Partners
For the 2021 BNA Festival, UK Dementia Research Institute have joined the BNA as Festival Partners.

UK DRI have high level involvement in orgnaising the event, and have convened a number of symposia and plenaries in a dedicated stream running throughout the Festival. All members of UK DRI can attend the meeting at reduced BNA-member registration rates.

Partner Societies
Partner Societies are a hugely important part of BNA2021 - bringing together different organistions with a shared interest in the brain and nervous system is what makes the BNA Festival a true Festival of Neuroscience. Each Partner Society -

  • convenes a symposium during the Festival programme, with free registration for speakers
  • is able to invite all their society members to attend the Festival at reduced BNA-member registration rates
  • will have their banner on display at the meeting, can have a full exhibition package for recuded fees, and is included in all Festival information and promotion

Confirmed BNA2021 partner societies: