Confirmed supporters

BNA2021 confirmed supporters

We are delighted to announce and grateful to the following organsiations, who are helping to support the BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience. Please read below to see who is supporting our neuroscience community, and you can also further explore our supporters' showcase pages.

Platinum supporters

Miltenyi BiotecPlatinum supporter: Miltenyi Biotec

Look out for the Miltenyi Biotec 40-minute masterclass at the Festival!
14:00 - 14:40 BST on Thursday 15th April.

Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. Our innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application. This integrated portfolio enables scientists and clinicians to obtain, analyze, and utilize the cell. Our technologies cover techniques of sample preparation, cell isolation, cell sorting, flow cytometry, cell culture, molecular analysis, and preclinical imaging. 

Our 30 years of expertise spans research areas including immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer, and clinical research areas like hematology, graft engineering, and apheresis. In our commitment to the scientific community, we also offer comprehensive scientific support, consultation, and expert training. Today, Miltenyi Biotec has 2,500 employees in 28 countries – all dedicated to helping researchers and clinicians around the world make a greater impact on science and health. 


ScientificaPlatinum supporter: Scientifica Ltd

Look out for the Scientifica 40-minute masterclass at the Festival!
14:00 - 14:40 BST on Tuesday 13th April.

Scientifica specialises in providing cutting-edge equipment optimised for electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging and optogenetics research. This, along with our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff, empowers researchers to overcome experimental hurdles and achieve breakthroughs in neuroscience. 

Our world-class laboratory equipment allows researchers to gain a better understanding of the nervous system and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and epilepsy. 

From the UK, we manufacture and distribute high-quality instruments to universities, pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories to more than 40 countries worldwide. At the beginning of 2016, Scientifica opened an office in the United States, its first office outside of the UK. The new office, based in New Jersey, will improve our ability to support our growing number of customers in North America. 

We also have a number of selected local distributors in countries around the world. 

What we do: 


Scientifica, in collaboration with world-class researchers, has developed our own range of pioneering instruments for electrophysiology studies, including microscopes, cameras, micromanipulators and stages. To complement these products, we also sell equipment from well-known suppliers to provide a single source for all your electrophysiology needs. Suppliers include CoolLed, Molecular Devices, Multi Channel Systems, Nikon, npi electronic, Olympus and TMC. 

Multiphoton Imaging 

Scientifica’s award-winning multiphoton imaging systems enable researchers to harness a powerful technique for visualising structures deep within thick tissues. They accommodate a broad range of experimental needs and parameters for excellent image quality and data collection both in vitro and in vivo. 

Optogenetics & Uncaging 

The emerging field of optogenetics promises an exciting future for neuroscience and electrophysiology research along with the targeted application of drugs thanks to uncaging. Scientifica’s offerings in this area are quickly evolving, and our state-of-the-art LASU system enables laser applied photostimulation experiments at multiple wavelengths.


The Psychiatry ConsortiumPlatinum supporter: Medicines Discovery Catapult

Look out for the Medicines Discovery Catapult 40-minute masterclass at the Festival!
12:20 - 13:00 BST on Thursday 15th April.

The Psychiatry Consortium is a strategic collaboration of two leading medical research charities and seven pharmaceutical companies focusing on the challenge of identifying and validating novel drug targets to address the unmet therapeutic needs of the people living with mental health conditions.  

The Consortium is managed by the Medicines Discovery Catapult and supported by Wellcome. 


DeepMindPlatinum supporter: Google DeepMind

DeepMind started in 2010, accelerating the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by taking an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together new ideas and advances in machine learning, neuroscience, engineering, mathematics, simulation and computing infrastructure, along with new ways of organising scientific endeavour.

They achieved early success in computer games, which researchers often use to test AI. One of the programs learned to play 49 different Atari games from scratch, just from seeing the pixels and score on the screen. The AlphaGo program was also the first to beat a professional Go player, a feat described as a decade ahead of its time.

DeepMind established a scholarships programme in 2017 in an effort to help build a stronger and more inclusive AI community, who can bring a wider range of experiences to the fields of AI and computer science. The scholarships provide financial support to students from underrepresented groups seeking to study graduate courses relating to AI and adjacent fields. Scholars are also offered support from a DeepMind mentor, and have opportunities to attend leading AI academic conferences and DeepMind events.


Special supporters

The Brain Prize logoThe Lundbeck Foundation: The Brain Prize

We are delighted to have The Lundbeck Foundation as supporters of the online BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience.

The Lundbeck Foundation is committed to investing in ground-breaking science and each year award The Brain Prize, a prestigious €1.3 million personal research award, to one or more researchers with an outstanding contribution to neuroscience.

We are very excited for The Lundbeck Foundation Lecture at BNA2021, which will showcase pioneering neuroscience research and stimulate dynamic discussion, and The Brain Prize special session discussing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion of neuroscience prizes.

Find out more about The Lundbeck Foundation here

The Guarantors of BrainThe Guarantors of Brain

Thanks to the support of the Guarantors of Brain, the BNA has been able to offer carer grants of up to £200 to help cover care responsibility expenses and enable participation in BNA2021 International Festival of Neuroscience.  Although online meetings have potential to widen participation, there are in fact significant challenges and negative impacts of COVID-19 on working parents and other with caring responsibilities. To continue our commitment to supporting delegates who are facing barriers to attending conferences due to caring responsibilities, the BNA therefore partnered with the Guarantors of Brain to provide these BNA-Brain Carer Grants.

The Guarantors of Brain is a charity that aims to promote teaching, education and research in neurology and related clinical-academic disciplines. The Charity was founded in 1955 with a body of Guarantors drawn from leading British Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Neurosurgeons, Neurophysiologists and Neuroscientists.  You can read more about them at the Guarantors of Brain website.


Silver supporters

Atlas antibodiesAtlas Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies enables leading neuroscience research worldwide through manufacturing and supplying highly validated primary antibodies targeting all human proteins. Based in Sweden and with our roots in the Human Protein Atlas Project, our extensive portfolio of reagents includes over 21,000 antibodies and protein standards for targeted proteomics. Our neuroscience antibodies show high specificity and selectivity for their target proteins and are tailored for use in research on signaling, neural lineage, developmental processes, aging and neurodegenerative disorders in human and rodent tissue samples. A full catalogue of our antibodies is available on our website.


dementia researcherDementia Researcher

Dementia Researcher is funded the NIHR, and delivered by UCL in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society. It provides information and support for Early Career Dementia Researchers (ECRs), based within the UK and across the world. 

We consolidate listings of available funding opportunities, jobs and events and share relevant science, career and research content. The team behind the website also bring together ECRs to share their own thoughts on career topics and research in the form of blogs, webinars and a regular fortnightly podcast, as well as hosting a support community and regular social networking events. The service continues to expand and has sought out opportunities to collaborate with other institutions from across the world to expand its offering and support for its core aims: 

  • Support ECRs to network with colleagues from within their own field, and in other areas of science. 
  • To create and collate content that will enrich the research environment for  ECRs. 
  • To enable ECRs to succeed in their chosen field, and to be aware of the tools, organisations and support systems available to them, and make it easier for them to find and access those resources. 
  • To encourage, and where possible support, ECRs to continue to choose dementia as their chosen area of speciality, and remain in research. 
  • To encourage young people, and people from other diseases and professions to choose dementia as their area of speciality. 

Every 3 minutes someone develops dementia in the UK. To tackle this challenge head on, we support emerging talent. That’s where you come in. 

Being an ECR can be incredibly rewarding and challenging. It is as much about new discoveries, collaborations and ideas as it is about the pressure to publish papers and the competition for funding. We provide everything you need, all in one place. 


Festival supporters (in alphabetical order)


Addgene is a US-based nonprofit plasmid repository. Addgene’s mission is to accelerate research and discovery by improving access to useful research materials and information. Addgene facilitates the sharing of high-quality scientific materials, research reproducibility, and open science by archiving and distributing DNA-based research reagents and associated data to scientists worldwide. Addgene’s repository includes special collections on CRISPR, fluorescent proteins, viral plasmids, and more. Addgene also provides ready-to-use AAV and lentiviral preparations of commonly requested plasmids. Addgene offers free online educational resources and protocols about molecular biology such as vector backbones, cloning, CRISPR, and AAV and lentivirus production.


biotechne logoBio-Techne®

Bio-Techne® unites some of the most referenced brands in Life Sciences: R&D Systems®, Novus Biologicals®, Tocris Bioscience ®, ProteinSimple® and Advanced Cell Diagnostics®. Our family of brands collaborate to provide over 350,000 products for Life Science research with over 300,000 journal citations, showing that our combined experience is trusted by researchers.  

We continue to empower the Neuroscience community by providing the high-quality reagents, services and innovative instruments that they need to further their research, including:

  • RNA (ISH) - Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD) provides products and services based on its advanced in situ hybridization (ISH) assay RNAscope® Technology, capable of visualising genes expressed at a single-molecule RNA sensitivity, localising and quantifying the level of expression. 
  • Proteins - R&D Systems provides over 4900 recombinant and natural proteins spanning many species. Providing GMP-grade, animal free, custom services and biomarker screening services.
  • ELISAs and Luminex® assays - Our Quantikine® and DuoSet® ELISA kits are the gold standard. We are experts in bead-based multiplex assays, providing high performance assays, MAGPIX® System, Luminex® 200® and FLEXMAP 3D®.
  • Protein analysis platforms - ProteinSimple instruments for Simple PlexTM assays, Simple WesternTM assays, Single-Cell Westerns, next generation analytical and iCETM platforms
  • Antibodies - Over 200,000 antibody products from Novus Biologicals and R&D Systems in multiple conjugates and species. Custom antibody generation, testing, purification and conjugation services.
  • Small molecules - High quality, high purity and fully annotated novel small molecules and peptides.

We are passionate about scientific discovery, which drives us to manufacture high-quality reagents and award-winning tools for the Life Science and Clinical Diagnostic markets. We understand our customers and we really care about their research. To ensure researcher’s experiments are successful, we provide the reliable high-performance innovative solutions they require for scientific discovery.


Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory  Company (BEL)

BEL is dedicated to advancing neuroscience by creating products with new technologies and the highest quality standards.  BEL offers complete EEG systems, software and tools for open-source collaboration.  All BEL products are developed under BEL's Quality System, meeting regulatory standards to assure the highest standards for safety and accuracy.  


Harvard Bioscience

Your Harvard Bioscience brands offer everything you need for your neuroscience research.

Solutions ranging from laboratory fluidics & equipment (Harvard Apparatus), cell physiology (HEKA Elektronik, Multi Channel Systems, Warner Instruments), molecular analysis (Biochrom) to surgical equipment (Harvard Apparatus) and animal behavior & physiology (CMA, Coulbourn, DSI, Hugo Sachs Elektronik, Panlab). 


Li-CorLI-COR Biosciences

LI-COR Biosciences offers a complete discovery platform for protein and molecular imaging designed to deliver the most reliable, highest quality data. This platform includes imaging systems, analysis software, standardized protocols, training, and unique IRDye® infrared dye reagents. 

Complete LI-COR solutions for Western blot imaging include the Odyssey CLx and Odyssey Fc Imaging Systems, high-quality IRDye Infrared dye-based antibodies and reagents, and secure and accurate analysis software. 

Molecular imaging on the Pearl® Trilogy small animal imaging system utilizes revolutionary FieldBrite™ Xi2 optical technology to produce results in unparalleled dynamic range that never saturates. The C-DiGit® Chemiluminescent Western blot scanner provides a simple, affordable imaging solution for academic and commercial use.  



MEGIN is the global leader for Magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology, a non-invasive, functional brain mapping solution for the diagnostic workup, treatment strategy and intervention of neurological conditions.

Through innovation and passionate exploration of the endless possibilities with MEG, specialists from close to one hundred sites from around the world have used our MEG technology to study pathological and eloquent areas of the brain in patients diagnosed with neurological disorder. 


Noldus logoNoldus

Noldus develops professional tools and instruments for animal behavior research for more than 25 years. Our product range for neuroscience research includes EthoVision XT video tracking, The Observer XT behavior annotation, CatWalk XT footprint and gait analysis, ErasmusLadder cerebellar phenotyping, PhenoTyper home cage testing, DanioScope zebrafish embryo and larvae measurements, and DanioVision zebrafish larvae activity monitoring.


SAGE Publishing and Brain and Neuroscience Advances

SAGE is a global academic publisher of books, journals, and a growing suite of library products and services, driven by the belief that social and behavioral science has the power to improve society, and focusing on publishing impactful research and enabling robust research methodology.  SAGE is majority owned by founder Sara Miller McCune, and after her lifetime will become owned by a charitable trust that secures the company’s continued independence.

SAGE is the publishing partner for Brain and Neuroscience Advances, the BNA's society-owned journal.


SiemensSiemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers is shaping the future of Healthcare. As a leading medical technology company headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers worldwide through its regional companies to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving the patient experience, and digitalising healthcare. Siemens Healthineers is continuously developing its product and service portfolio, with AI-supported applications and digital offerings that play an increasingly important role in the next generation of medical technology. These new applications will enhance the company’s foundation in in-vitro diagnostics, image-guided therapy, and in-vivo diagnostics. Siemens Healthineers also provides a range of services and solutions to enhance healthcare providers’ ability to provide high-quality, efficient care to patients. For more information and latest product line visit



Stratech supply specialist life science reagents for researchers who need consistent, reproducible results. We have built a reputation over the last 35 years for supplying high quality, competitively priced, reliable products such as the Jackson ImmunoResearch Secondary Antibodies. As a family run business, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional product quality with unbeatable technical support and customer service.

We are so confident that you will LOVE both our products and our support services, that we guarantee all our products with a full money back promise. In addition, if you can't find what you are looking for, one of our experts will find it for you.


The royal society

The Royal Society

The Royal Society is the independent scientific academy of the UK and is a self-governing Fellowship of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists. Its fundamental purpose, reflected in its founding Charters of the 1660s, is to recognise, promote, and support excellence in science and to encourage the development and use of science for the benefit of humanity.

Our journals Proceedings B, Biology Letters, Royal Society Open Science, Open Biology and Philosophical Transactions B welcome submissions of research, reviews and theme issue proposals in all areas of neuroscience. We offer authors high quality peer review by active scientists, exceptional author service, open access options and wide dissemination to an international audience. We support open science principles such as open data, Registered Reports, replication studies and preprint deposit.

Please browse our exhibition area to find out more about our journals and why you should consider publishing your next paper with us. We have also provided flyers and links to some of our published content that you might find interesting. Please contact us via the chat function or send us an email to ask any further questions.


Transpharmation logoTranspharmation

Transpharmation is a preclinical CRO led by scientists. Building on the founders' international reputation and CNS drug discovery expertise, Transpharmation's global client base benefit from decades of experience in preclinical translational neuroscience, including pain & inflammation, EEG, cognition, epilepsy, neurodegeneration, and anxiety/mood disorders, together with a biomarker platform. 



Zogenix is a global biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercialising therapies with the potential to transform the lives of rare disease patients and their families. Our headquarters are in the United States and we have additional operations in Europe and Japan. 
We strive to make a difference for patients by taking on the complex challenge of identifying promising investigational therapies and taking them through a rigorous developmental process – especially in disease areas with severe impact and limited or no treatment options. 

Our current focus includes debilitating and potentially life-threatening developmental epileptic encephalopathies such as Dravet syndrome, a devastating and life-long rare epilepsy that begins in infancy. Dravet syndrome is marked by frequent, treatment-resistant seizures, significant developmental, motor, and behavioral impairments, and an increased risk of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. Most patients follow a course of developmental delay with cognitive, motor, and behavioral deficits that persist into adulthood. Dravet syndrome severely impacts quality of life for patients, families, and caregivers due to the high physical, emotional, and financial burden associated with the disease. 
We are also focused on a mitochondrial disease called TK2 deficiency (TK2d), a genetic disorder that leads to inadequate energy production in cells throughout the body. TK2d presents as severe and progressive muscle weakness that profoundly impairs movement, breathing, eating, and other normal functions, and is often fatal. There are currently no approved therapies for this disease.

At Zogenix, our passion is to rewrite the future of rare disease treatments and outcomes. We are proud to collaborate with and support physicians, patient communities, and others around the world who share this goal. Together, we can bring hope and support to patients and families impacted by rare diseases. 


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