Building Bridges Between Industry & Academia

Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia

The BNA’s ‘Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia’ (or BBB for short) initiative aims to foster collaboration between neuroscientists in industry and academia for information exchange through events and networking opportunities, and is linked to the BNA’s core theme of ‘Credibility in neuroscience'.

We're excited to invite all BNA2021 Festival-goers to get involved in BBB via various events and activities through the event (and beyond).

09:00 - 11:20 BST, Tuesday 13th April 2021

Workshop: How to improve translation between industry and academia in neuroscience? 

Sir Mene N Pangalos, EVP & President BioPharmaceuticals R&D, AstraZeneca
Professor Tom Otis, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, London UK

Dr Justin Bryan,Exeuctive Director of Drug Discovery at LifeArc
Dr Eva Loth, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Deputy Director of the AIMS-2-TRIALS, KCL

and the National Centre for the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) - speaker TBC

Attending this workshop will give insights into the key factors inhibiting effective translation of research between academia and industry, identifying how to achieve successful translation, and creating meaningful exchange of ideas and networking.


14:40 - 16:00 BST, Wednesday 14th April 2021

Translational neuroscience for mental health research

Understanding and addressing mental health problems is an increasingly urgent need across all societies, and neurosceence has a major role to play. This session will hear from key leaders in academia and in industry for how neuroscience can play its part well!


Throughout the Festival

Careers and talent aquisition

Moving between positions in academia and in industry is highly valuable for neuroscience, for both sectors, and for individuals. There will be plenty of opporutnities at BNA2021 to explore career options in both industry and in academia thanks to Career Speed-dating sessions (make sure you sign up during registration), open discussion forums, a jobs' board and career info point.


BNA2021 If you have any questions or you would like to get involved with the BNA's Building Bridges Between: Industry and academia initiative, please contact Sophie Sykes-Jerrold at [email protected] 


Supporters of 'Building Bridges Between: Industry and Academia'

We are very grateful to our BBB supporters at the Festival and beyond: Abcam, LifeArc, Novartis, the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre and the Gatsby Foundation.