Green neuroscience

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09:00 - 10:20 BST | Wednesday 14th April 2021


Organised by Charlotte Rae, University of Sussex, UK

  • Charlotte Rae (Chair), University of Sussex, UK – The environmental impacts of cognitive neuroscience, from liquid helium to big data: what’s our footprint?  
  • Martin Farley, Green Lab Associates, UK – Sustainable laboratory research: LEAF and green lab efforts  
  • Anne Urai, Leiden University, Netherlands – Decarbonizing science: action in academic communities and institutions 
  • Kate Jeffery, University College London, UK – Changing minds: how neuroscientists can influence public and political action on the climate crisis 

Description and aims of the 'Green Neuroscience' special session

Awareness of the environmental impacts of human activities has never been higher.

However, many neuroscientists may not be aware that their research has an environmental footprint, from the energy required to analyse big data, to single-use plastics in the lab. There are also huge impacts of flying to conferences, and university policies and practises, to consider. Moreover, as professional scientists, we have an ambassadorial role to play as public and political influencers.

This session will discuss how we can use our resources, expertise and influence to create a sustainable future within and beyond neuroscience, including a panel Q&A, followed by a ‘town hall’ discussion event and social.