Credibility in Neuroscience at BNA2021

Be InCredible at BNA2021

The BNA’s ‘Credibility in neuroscience’ campaign is currently the core focus of the Association.  The campaign's vision is to ensure that neuroscience research is as robust, reliable, replicable, and reproducible as possible; in short, to ensure the credibility of neuroscience.

Find out more about why the BNA has made ‘Credibility in neuroscience’ its most important activity and read our Manifesto here.  We're very grateful to The Gatsby Foundation in particular for supporting our work in this area. 

BNA2021 provides all Festival-goers with the chance to 'Be InCredible'

Find out about credibility, discuss it with colleagues and leaders in the field, ask all your questions about what being credible in research means, raise your concerns, and see what steps you can take to make your work more robust, reliable, replicable, and reproducible (and discover what all those things mean!)

09:00 - 11:20 BST | Monday 12th April 2021

Workshop: Using R

Find out why R is so popular in academia, so important for credibility and for Open Science, and how you can use it yourself. See full details here.


09:00 - 10:20 BST | Wednesday 14th April 2021

Special session on credibility in neuroscience

Details TBC - check back soon! 


Throughout the Festival

Preregistration posters

Preregistration posters (in contrast to 'traditional' posters) present plans for research, rather than studies that have already been completed, allowing for more input from peers, supporting preregistration practices, enabling authors to gain advice on statistical analysis, and helping to counter rushed data collection and drawing conclusions.

The BNA has been a pioneer in preregistration posters, and we're delighted to feature preregistration posters at BNA2021 too.

See how to submit a preregistration poster abstract
Read more about the principles and advantages of prereg posters
Read publication in Nature Human Behaviour about the positive outcomes of prereg posters at BNA2019.


Throughout the Festival

Open forum for credibility in neuroscience

An open discussion forum will run throughout the Festival, giving all Festival-goers the chance to come and ask questions and advice about credibility in neuroscience.  


If you have any questions or you would like to get involved with the BNA's Credibility in Neuroscience campaign, please contact Joseph Clift at [email protected]