Behind the scenes of a primate lab


Evening webinar
19:00 - 20:00 BST Thursday 22nd April 2021

Join Dr Anna Mitchell, Dr Brook Perry, Dr Juan Carlos Mendez Nunez and Ms Rhyanne Heppenstall for 'Behind the scenes of a primate lab'

Join us for an evening discussion about why we use rhesus monkeys to answer some of our neuroscience research questions, including how we optimise learning. We’ll show you how we train our monkeys to complete computer-based touchscreen tasks. We use the computer-based tasks to assess learning in healthy humans and those with strokes as well as our monkeys. We’ll explain some of our latest findings about how brain areas adapt while learning and after injury. We'll also share some methods we use to assess our monkey’s welfare. There will be opportunities at the end to ask us questions.

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Photo credit: Centre for Macaques

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