Guinness World Record


Be a world record breaker! 

Help us attempt to break the Guiness World record for 'longest knitted chain' by creating a motor neuron entirely out of wool.

What are motor neurons?

Motor neurons are a type of nerve cell that carry messages from the brain to muscles, responsible for movements including walking, picking up a cup, and breathing.  They are one of the longest types of nerves, running all the way from the brain's motor cortex to the spinal cord, and from the spinal cord to the furthest muscles - which can be a very long way indeed in animals such as giraffes or blue whales!

Why make one out of wool?!

As a way to share interest in neuroscience, as a chance to enjoy some creativity, as a way to bring people together when we can't meet in person, and as a way to raise awareness of motor neuron disease (also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig disease). 

How long will it be?

Motor neurons are remarkable in many ways. As well as being up to metres in length, they are incredibly thin: only a few microns in diameter. To make a motor neuron to scale (taking the longest motor neuron in humans, about 1 metre in length) we need to knit over 1 km. This will also break the official world record for the world's longest knitted chain!

How can I take part?