Kids - make your own neuron

Neurons made by children

Morning webinar
10:00 - 11:00 BST Wednesday 21st April 2021
For reception, KS1 and KS2 school pupils
Ideal activity for schools!

In 'Make your own neuron' children get the chance to make their own nerve cell out of items you can easily find round the house, enjoy a fully interactive online session learning about the brain, AND get to ask real neuroscientists ask any questions they like! 

The brain enables us to do everything that we do, think and feel, and it is made up of cells called neurons, which connect to each other and are key to brain function.  In this webinar for kids, we will introduce and explain what neurons do, and show how to make your own nerve cell.

Materials needed:
Please be ready to make a nerve cell with us!  We suggest having materials such as pipe cleaners of different colours and sizes, toilet rolls, paper, string, plastic cups, sellotape, plasticine, wool, etc but please feel free to be imaginative and use whatever's to hand (see images above and below for examples of neurons made at previous webinars).

Webinars last approximately an hour and feature:
+ interactive challenges and questions
+ activities, e.g. making a neuron, the materials for which can be found in the art cupboard or from around the house
+ questions answered live by BNA neuroscientists

To increase interaction during the session we will be using the online tool 'Kahoot'. To use Kahoot, please use a separate browser tab or use another device (mobile phone or tablet) and go to the Kahoot website at

If you don't want to use Kahoot that's fine too! You can also just write down answers, think what they might be, or discuss with anyone who might be with you during the session.

Kids with neurons they have made

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