My Depression, Your Depression – Same Name, Different Stories

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Evening webinar
17:00 - 18:00 BST Thursday 22nd April 2021

Join us for My Depression, Your Depression – Same Name, Different Stories 

My Depression, Your Depression – Same Name, Different Stories” explores depression from different angles through storytelling, to increase awareness and reduce stigma.

At the event, the audience will be presented with short digital stories, written, narrated, and edited by people with lived experience of depression and scientists researching depression. 

Afterwards, at a live Q&A, there is opportunity to ask questions to the storytellers and organisers about the stories, the project, and the process.

The event will provide an insight into the complex and unique experience of living with depression as well as the difficulties and opportunities present in depression research.

The project is a collaboration between University of Edinburgh, Patient Voices, and RealTalk.

Trigger warning: at this event we will discuss mental health difficulties, and topics including self-harm and suicide will be mentioned.

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