Dive into Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in neuroscience

The BNA is proud to champion Equity, Diversity and Inclusion year-round. The International Festival of Neuroscience is an opportunity to discover more about the ways we do this, hear cutting-edge research from some of the neuroscientists who lead in our EDI activities, and maybe even to get involved yourself.

Sessions featuring BNA Scholars

Ever since 2021, the BNA Scholars Programme has been supporting students and early career researchers from underrepresented ethnic groups to thrive in neuroscience – and thriving they are! Two of these bright young neuroscientists are now leading sessions at BNA2023.

Arish Mudra Rakshasa-Loots from the University of Edinburgh is co-chairing the Monday morning symposium HIV mental health: where are we headed?. As part of the symposium, he will be presenting his research under the title Is it "all in your head"? The contribution of neuroinflammation to depression in a South African cohort of adolescents with and without HIV.

Gargi Mandal from King's College London is speaking as part of the scientific communications workshop Making your science communication go further: a workshop from the editors of Inspire the Mind. Her presentation, Writing about science for different audiences: a practical exercise, is specifically geared towards how we might consider EDI within this sector.

Mentoring Circle²: ALBA and BNA special session

ALBA represents a global diverse network of individual neuroscientists who are involved in research, education, communication and advocacy, and are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion just like the BNA is. In this special session taking place on Sunday afternoon, ALBA members along with Mentors from the BNA Scholars Programme will be collaborating to lead a mentoring circle of mentoring circles! Come along to join a small group of your choice and use your experience and perspective to be part of a discussion generating solutions to real-life career and research culture problems put forward by BNA Scholars.

Pier Review: seaside amusements with a difference

Roll up, roll up! Step right up and win more than a little change!

There are many issues that affect neuroscientists and our research, that we're frustrated by and want to see change on. These include national policy issues like environmental sustainability and research credibility, but local issues – including those relating to EDI, research culture, and department funding – affect many of us working in institutions too. Pier Review is a unique zone running for the duration of BNA2023 that, through a series of fairground games and activities, will show you how together we can begin to resolve these issues. Find it near the main entrance and see what it'll take to win a prize.

Bursaries and Grants: everyone welcome at BNA2023!

We invite BNA members to apply for bursaries to attend the Festival of Neuroscience where they might otherwise struggle to be able to come along. Any BNA member can apply for a BNA-Brain Carer Grant of up to £300 to facilitate their attendance by helping cover expenses associated with caring responsibilities, and additionally Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Career Starter or Early Career Researcher members who are presenting posters can apply for up to £250 to assist with travel and accommodation costs as part of our new BNA2023 Bursary programme (deadline 20th February 2023).