Children and carers at BNA2023

Child on beach

If you have dependent children (or any other caring responsibilities) we encourage you to apply for a BNA-Brain Carer grant.

This will help cover any additional costs you may have, associated with meeting these reponsibilities, in order to facilitate your attendance at BNA2023.

The Guarantors of Brain

Our policy on having children aged 16 or under on site is that, so long as the child is accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times, they may attend the International BNA2023 Festival of Neuroscience. This includes the session rooms, talks, posters, and exhibition floor.  

The minor does not need to pay a registration fee, but they must be accompanied by a guardian who is registered. 

The number and ages of accompanying children should be stated where prompted during the registration process.  Delegates who plan to bring children onsite may be contacted for further details prior to the meeting. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].