Books and Baby Vision

How to choose a baby book that is suited to what they can see

Books and Baby Vision

Where: Children's Area of Jubilee Library
When: Monday 17th April, short 15 min session on the hour, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm
Intended audience: Parents with young babies

For newborn babies the world is very blurry, but babies’ vision changes radically over the first year of life.  In this session Anna will explain what colours, shapes and details babies can see and what kinds of images babies like to look at. 

She will show baby eye-movement clips that let you see what babies look at when they look at books, and she will provide examples of books which are suited to the different stages of the first year.  This is an informal session for parents and babies are welcome too.

Professor Anna Franklin, The Sussex Baby Lab, School of Psychology, University of Sussex,