EVENING LECTURE: How do we save the planet? Why understanding people & our behaviour is critical

Charlotte Rae, Zoe Nicholson, Chris Shaw and Nichola Raihani

How do we save the planet? Why understanding people and our behaviour is critical

Where: The Brighton Centre
When: 6.30pm BST, Monday 24 April 2023
Who: Suggested age range - 14+ 

Chaired by Dr Charlotte Rae, University of Sussex, with panellists
Councillor Zoe Nicholson, Green party politician and Leader of Lewes District Council
Dr Chris Shaw, Senior Research Programme Lead at Climate Outreach 
Professor Nichola Raihani, University College London

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The current climate and ecological emergencies are caused by people, but will also be solved by people. This public discussion will bring neuroscientists and the public together to think about how understanding people, and our behaviour, is critical to saving the planet - and ourselves.

We are excited to bring together a local Green party politician, Councillor Zoe Nicholson, Leader of Lewes District Council, with academics specialising in studying human behaviour: Dr Chris Shaw (Senior Research Programme Lead at Climate Outreach) who investigates the interplay of social and psychological factors in behaviour and attitudes to climate change; and Prof Nichola Raihani (University College London), an international expert in the causes and consequences of cooperative behaviour.

Lewes District Council have set an ambitious target to become net zero by 2030, with a rigorous programme of sustainability initiatives. Behind these ambitions are local people, making change happen. But why isn’t this happening across society more widely, on the timeline we need it to? What psychological, structural, and societal barriers are there to making society more sustainable? Why do we need to work together? And how does this play out, in real communities, such as Lewes District, and Brighton & Hove?

Join us for a stimulating discussion, chaired by neuroscientist Dr Charlotte Rae (University of Sussex), to find out why changing human behaviour can be difficult, but also how it can be done, with inspiration from elected campaigners making real change happen.