Reconnect with your community

Delegates at the 2019 Festival of Neuroscience

The Festival is back!

For the first time since before the pandemic, we're bringing you back together with your friends, colleagues, and peers at the BNA's International Festival of Neuroscience: the largest event of its kind across Europe in 2023, and the chance to reconnect across our neuroscience community. 

The BNA's biennial Festival not only brings individuals together but also organisations. Appropriately enough, for the 2023 event there will be 23 Partnering Organisations taking part, headed up by host organisation the BNA and Festival Partner Parkinson's UK, with special partner the Guarantors of Brain. Our partners represent discovery neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry and other brain-related disciplines, making a truly collaborative community.  

Re-connecting with your community at BNA2023

  • Kick off the Festival with a free welcome reception; the chance to catch up over a drink, strengthen connections and make new ones in this post-pandemic world.
  • Come and 'Meet the President', with new President Tara Spires-Jones being questioned by outgoing President Rik Henson (and yourselves!). 
  • Be the first to find out who will be the next BNA President-Elect
  • Talk with members of the BNA Council and Committee, and BNA executive team; share your ideas, thoughts and ambitions for the BNA membership.
  • Get involved with advocating for your community at the 'Pier Review' policy and advocacy zone; find out what the BNA is doing and how you can have your voice heard
  • Come together in person and build relationships that you simply can't get from reading emails or meetings on Zoom! 

Not yet a member of the BNA? 

If you're not familiar with the BNA, here's who we are: the British Neuroscience Association is an organisation that represents and promotes all of neuroscience in the UK.

It's made up of people from across different disciplines, career stages and sectors - academia, industry, the clinic and beyond - all of whom are passionate about the science of the brain and nervous system.