The future of publishing in translational neuroscience

The future of publishing in translational neuroscience: (WORKSHOP) 
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Tuesday 25th April, 15:30 – 17:10

Editors and editorial staff from the journals Brain and Brain Communications and the BNA journal Brain and Neuroscience Advances, will discuss issues in the future of translational neuroscience including the open access movement “Plan S”, equality and diversity in publishing, registered reports, etc. As a workshop, this will be more of an interactive session, with the opportunity for questions and discussion.

  • Phil Bishop, OUP, UK: Open Access publishing and where we are with Plan S
  • Masud Husain, University of Oxford, UK: The view from the Editor’s desk: Publishing in Brain
  • Jeff Dalley, University of Cambridge, UK: Publishing in Brain and Neuroscience Advances and registered reports
  • Manuela Marescotti, University of Edinburgh, UK: The lack of gender bias in editorial processes at Brain Communications

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