Silent symposium by Compass Pathways

Innovation in mental health, hosted by Compass Pathways
Monday 24th April, 13:10 - 13:50

We’re currently living through a mental health crisis; every 40 seconds, someone dies from suicide. For too many people, mental health care today isn’t good enough, and innovation is urgently needed.

In this session, we will hear about how COMPASS Pathways is pioneering research in mental health care, including efforts to combine medicine with digital technologies and psychological support, and to develop innovative care models.

Gary Gilmour,
Vice-President of Preclinical Research, COMPASS Pathways

Gary studied Pharmacology at the University of Glasgow before completing a DPhil in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. He has built his career in the pharmaceutical industry and has led novel target and discovery projects across a broad range of CNS indications. His approaches to drug discovery place high emphasis on translational validation and establishing a deeper understanding of the biological substrates underlying different disease-related symptoms. Gary is a strong advocate for pre-competitive scientific exchange, and his leadership has significant shaped research strategies on common problems in neuroscience drug discovery.

Namik Kirlić, Director of Therapy Research and Discovery at COMPASS Pathways

Dr. Kirlić was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which significantly shaped his professional interest in understanding the pathophysiology and treatment of mental health conditions. Dr. Kirlić earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Middlebury College in Vermont, USA, where his senior thesis explored the cumulative effects of long-term environmental stress on psychological functioning in adolescents. He earned his Doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Tulsa and Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) in Oklahoma, USA where his work focused on individual differences in neural responses to predictable and unpredictable threats and the effects of prenatal drug exposure and postnatal adversity on biological stress responses in children. Dr. Kirlić’s postdoctoral fellowship focused on the use of translational behavioral and neuroimaging methods to identify reliable predictors of resilience and treatment responses. As an Associate Investigator at LIBR, Dr. Kirlić studied broad consequences of early life adversity, emergence of psychopathology, neuromodulatory interventions for mental health conditions, and multi-system responses during aversive conditions in adolescence, funded by the William K. Warren Foundation and National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS). Finally, Dr. Kirlić is a licensed health service psychologist with extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety, and stress-related mental health conditions. At COMPASS, Dr. Kirlić is responsible for conducting cutting-edge therapy optimization research to improve safety, efficacy, and accessibility of the COMP360 Psilocybin Therapy.

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