Patient and public involvement in research

Patient and public involvement in research: Parkinson's and beyond (WORKSHOP)
Theme: Other (e.g. History, teaching, outreach, etc)

Sunday 23rd April, 13:00 – 14:40

The aim of this interactive workshop is to give an overview of why and how researchers can work with people affected by neurological conditions to shape their research. In this interactive workshop we will provide an overview of patient and public involvement (PPI). Attendees will have the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others experiences of PPI as well as to explore how they can incorporate PPI into their own research. It is suitable both for beginners and those more experienced in PPI. The workshop will include: -An introduction to PPI and why is it important -Group discussions of case studies of PPI in basic biological, behavioural and clinical research -A Q&A session with a panel of researchers and PPI contributors about involvement At the end of the session, attendees will: -Understand what patient and public involvement is and why it is important to involve people with lived experience in research. -Understand different methods of involving people in research. -Be able to identify key considerations when involving people in research, using Parkinson's and Alzheimer's studies as examples. -Be aware of the support for PPI provided by Parkinson's UK and others. Although we shall largely be using examples from Parkinson's research and Parkinson's UK PPI programme, the principles and guidance are relevant for PPI throughout neurology research and beyond.

Laura JacoLaura Jacobsbs, Parkinson's UK, London, UK

Laura is Senior Research Involvement Officer at Parkinson’s UK. She helps to deliver the charity's Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) programme, supporting researchers from academia and industry to work with people affected by Parkinson's to improve Parkinson’s research outcomes. Laura provides support and advice to enable meaningful involvement throughout all stages of the research process. She works closely with other charities and organisations, nationally and internationally, to help drive forward patient and public involvement in research. 

Ellen Poliakoff, The University of Manchester, UK

Carroll Siu, Parkinson's UK Volunteer, UK

Matthew Sullivan, Parkinson's UK Volunteer, UK

Heather Mortiboys, University of Sheffield, UK

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