How can we make neuroscience more environmentally sustainable?

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Chaired by Charlotte Rae, University of Sussex 

In this special session, we will discuss how we can address the climate and ecological impacts of neuroscience research, from big data to laboratory efficiency, travel and institutional policies to advocacy and campaigning.

We will bring together neuroscientists from across disciplines to consider simple actions that can be taken now, alongside the big challenges that we face as a community to truly make neuroscience research sustainable.

Attendees will take away a greater awareness of the environmental impacts of our research practices, and inspiration for how to act on this, as individual scientists and in teams and institutions. 


  • Dr Nick Souter, University of Sussex
  • Mr Martin Farley, UCL/KCL
  • Prof Kate Jeffery, University of Glasgow
  • Prof Chris Summerfield, University of Oxford

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