Credibility plenary

The change-makers (and how to keep up with them):
Credibility in practice across different neuroscience settings 

The Brain and Neuroscience Advances Plenary Lecture

Russ Poldrack, Stanford University
Saloni Krishnan, Royal Holloway, University of London
Madeline Lancaster, University of Cambridge
Mike Ashby, University of Bristol

18:20 -19:20 BST, Sunday 23rd April 2023

This opening plenary session will bring together four speakers to discuss how they are bringing about change to build credibility within their own different fields of neuroscience.  Attending this session will bring you up to speed with the progress made in recent years, and how building credibility can be applied in a variety of different neuroscience settings - including your own.

Speaking in this session:

  • Russ Poldrack, whose research focuses on strengthening reproducibility in neuroimaging
  • Saloni Krishnan, whose developmental cognitive neuroscience research involving children with developmental language disorder has challenged well‐established norms
  • Madeline Lancaster, whose research on human brain development is building credibility through using an in vitro model system called cerebral organoids
  • Michael Ashby, whose work has focused on experimental design and hierarchical statistical models for in vivo (and ex vivo) research.

Brain and Neuroscience Advances journalBrain and Neuroscience Advances

Brain and Neuroscience Advances is a PMC-indexed and wholly society-owned journal at the forefront of open science and credible publishing practices.

The journal sits at the heart of the BNA's Credibility in Neuroscience campaign, helping to tackle issues such as the 'publish or perish' culture and file-drawer effect of unpublished research, by adopting initiatives as:

The journal publishes original research papers and reviews from all fields and disciplines of neuroscience, including molecular, cellular, systems, behavioural, and cognitive investigations, and welcomes submissions in basic, translational and/or clinical neuroscience. The APC is just £562.50 for BNA members, or even free.


Credibility in Neuroscience at BNA2023

Through its campaign Credibility in Neuroscience, the BNA has led efforts in the UK neuroscience community to create an exciting and sustainable future for 21st century neuroscience, through encouraging a shift towards research that is robust, reliable, reproducible and replicable.

During our Festival of Neuroscience, BNA2023, we will be ensuring that efforts to boost credibility are promoted and rewarded throughout, by:

  • putting credibility front and centre in a special plenary session, right at the start of the Festival
  • providing opportunities to researchers to demonstrate credibility via our poster sessions
  • giving poster presenters the option of having 'Prereg Posters'
  • highlighting our policy and advocacy efforts to change the research landscape, such as reforming the Research Assessment Exercise