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BNA2021 sponsorship and supporters

We have devised a suite of new sponsorship options especially designed to meet the needs of our supporters, exhibitors and sponsors, who are seeking ways to engage with people when it isn't possible to meet in person.

We are very conscious you need more than just a virtual stand at an online meeting. 

We know that you have been impacted by COVID19 too, that your team may be reduced in number and stretched for time, and that you, too, need to re-think how you are engaging with customers and the neuroscience community.

As a result we are excited to share this range of new opportunities, offering ‘More than the Festival’, that will enable your organisation to have genuine and valuable involvement before, during and after the 2021 Festival of Neuroscience - at a price that suits your budget. 

Please take a look at our Sponsorship Prospectus and please get in touch to chat at any time.  We're here to help you! Email [email protected] / call +44 (0) 208 995 9495.

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