Epilepsy Research UK

BNA2021 supported session:
Innovations in epilepsy research -Thursday 15th April, 9:00-10:20 BST

ERUK’s vision is a life free from epilepsy.
We are the only UK charity exclusively dedicated to driving and enabling life changing, life saving research. 

The research we fund is of the highest scientific merit and subject to rigorous scrutiny, involving a Scientific Advisory Committee, independent expert opinion, interviews and peer review and is carried out in universities and hospitals throughout the UK.

We work in three key areas:

  • Promoting, encouraging and funding research into the causes, diagnosis and clinical treatment of epilepsy and associated conditions
  • Developing the next generation of epilepsy researchers and capacity building the research environment
  • Accelerating innovations for people with epilepsy by supporting research that will influence clinical practice and health policy

Visit website: www.epilepsyresearch.org.uk  

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