Photo and videos - what you can and cannot record

Recording a talk on smartphones

Sharing your experience of BNA2023 on social media is encouraged to add to the discussion and excitement of the meeting, so long as the content of social media posts complies with the policy stated below.

Attendees of the International BNA2023 Festival of Neuroscience are required to respect the privacy of other participants and refrain from any unauthorised or unwelcomed recording or photography.

Recording of complete oral presentations is prohibited unless this has been contracted for this purpose by or on behalf of the BNA.

Attendees must not facilitate any access or sharing of meeting content, of any form, to individuals who are not themselves registered and been provided with login details. This applies during the four days of the live event and throughout the subsequent months of exclusive access to recorded content, unless otherwise agreed in advance with the BNA.

Unpublished data: Participants are not allowed to take photos, videos, screenshots or other recordings of presentations, live sessions, or posters, containing any unpublished scientific material presented at BNA2023, unless express prior consent by the presenter has been ascertainedExpressed content is a written confirmation by the author in a live chat or email correspondence.

Please respect speaker instructions in regards to the taking of photos or recordings during their presentation. Presenters and exhibitors are strongly encouraged to clearly indicate whether or not photography, recording and sharing of their presentation, poster, scientific or other materials is permitted. To help facilitate this, the BNA encourages presenters to download one of the digital graphic images, below, to incorporate into their slides/poster, or to print and display.

Image indicating author/presenter is happy for materials to be recorded and shared. Right click to download and save small image format, or download large file format of 'Happy to share' image here.

Happy to share

Image indicating author/presenter is NOT happy for materials to be recorded or shared. Right click to download and save small image format, or download large file of 'Not to be shared' image here.

Unhappy to share content

The BNA nor BNA Events Ltd will be held liable for any infringement by individuals of the policy stated here.