Reduced fees to attend the Festival

Reduced fees for BNA2021

Although we believe the standard registration fees represent very good value for money, we're aware that the cost may still be a barrier to some. 

For the 2021 Festival we have therefore introduced new ways - in addition to the usual ones of being a member of the BNA or a partnering organisatino - to enable people to attend for less. 

Be a member of the BNA, UK DRI, or one of our Partnering Organisations

The biggest savings to be had (over 50%!) are by being a member of or affiliated to the BNA, UK DRI, or one of the Partnering Organisations

With respect to BNA membership, we always ensure that the total cost of membership + registration is less than non-member registration. If you are not a member, then you can join the BNA, from anywhere in the world, straight away!  

To take advantage of members' rates when registering:

  • BNA members: make sure you are logged in to the website when registering
  • Partnering Organisations: make sure you have your discount code (available from the organisation of which you are a member

Please note that affiliation or membership status is verified with the relevant Partnering Organsiation after you have registered.


Apply for a BNA2021 bursary! 

BNA postgraduate and early career members may be eligible for a bursary of up to £75 to support attendance the the Festival of Neuroscience. See full details here


Get a group together

Get together with friends and colleagues and you can save money via group bookings. 

This can be especially useful for groups of students, either postgraduates or undergraduates - group bookings are often used by Universities wishing to support their students' attendance. However, a mix of any booking types can be included in a single booking, along with posters or additional activities. 

The group must consist of at least ten individuals and must be paid for by a single payment. The total amount will have a 10% discount applied. 

To facilitate a group booking, please contact [email protected] 


Be based in a Low or Middle-Income Country

We are excited that having an online meeting means it will be easier for our neuroscience colleagues from around the world to attend what is normally a UK-based event. To increase accessibility to neuroscientists in Low and Middle-Income countries (LMIC), we have therefore introduced a new catgory of registration fees. 

To be eligible for LMIC fee rates, you must be based (working or studying at an institution) in one of the countries listed here on the Wellcome website, which is based on information from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Please note that we may follow up with individuals who register using LMIC rates to check they are based in one of the eligible countries. 


Be a student or an Early Career Researcher

We have always had heavily subsidised Festival registration fees for Postgraduate students, and this time is no different, with registration from just £87.50 for Masters and PhD students.

In recognition that, due to COVID-19, financial concerns and insecurities for (especially) post-docs and early career researchers are greater than ever, this year we have introduced a new fee category for those who are no longer a postgrad, but are still in the early stages of their career.  To check if you can register at ECR rates, see the eligibility criteria of Early Career Researcher membership on the BNA website. 

Please note that we may follow up with individuals who register using Postgraduate rates to check they have student status, or with ECRs to check their eligibility.


Be an Undergraduate Student

Last but not least, you can get the full Festival experience at rock-bottom prices if you are an undergraduate student! 

This is again a new category of registration fees for the Festival.

We're aware that many undergraduates are having a very different experience at university this year, due to distancing and restrictions brought about by COVID19. 

We would like to help undergraduates enrich their experience of neuroscience by having the chance to be part of a neuroscience conference which is renowned for being warm and welcoming, getting to hear top international neuroscientists (and ask them questions!), and get a true sense of being part of the neuroscience community, and what it means to do neuroscience research.

To qualify for undergraduate student fees, you must be a BNA undergraduate member, or be currently registered at a recognised institution and undertaking an undergraduate degree. The subject of your degree need not be neuroscience; if you are studying any related (or unrelated!) subject and are interested in the science of the nervous system, you are very welcome to attend.  

Please note that we may follow up with individuals who register using Undergraduate rates to check they have undergraduate student status. 


The Festival of Neuroscience is run by BNA Events Ltd (Company number 07784689), a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Neuroscience Association (Company Number: 04307833, Registered Charity No: 1103852).