BNA2021 Code of Conduct

The BNA Festivals of Neuroscience are professional scientific meetings that provide a respectful, harassment-free and inclusive environment for all participants, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, education, socioeconomics or personal situation, or  any combination of these. All attendees, including delegates, speakers, exhibitors, staff and members of the press, are expected to behave with integrity and respect towards other delegates attending or involved with the BNA Festival of Neuroscience and/or any related event or activity.

This Code of Conduct is not legally enforceable. However, the BNA is committed to ensuring all attendees are informed about and agree to the Code of Conduct when registering for BNA Festivals of Neuroscience, and to as far as possible create an inclusive, welcoming and respectful environment for all participants.  Participants are encouraged to report any experienced harassment to [email protected] The organisers reserve the right to take any action deemed appropriate in case of harassment, and host institutions of reported individuals will be notified about filed harassment reports.

Online Festivals of Neuroscience 

All delegates, speakers, and other attendees at the online Festival of Neuroscience will be provided with personalised login details giving them access to the online meeting. These credentials are personal and non-transferable. Non-registered individuals and minors will not be able to access the meeting, unless upon prior agreement with the organisers.

Attendees must not facilitate any access or sharing of meeting content, of any form, to individuals who are not themselves registered and been provided with login details. This applies during the four days of the live event and throughout the subsequent four months of exclusive access to recorded content, unless otherwise agreed in advance with the BNA.

All attendees are expected to interact with fellow attendees in the same way as at a real-life Festival. All communication, be it verbal or electronic, must be carried out in a respectful and polite manner. Inappropriate messaging or contact will not be tolerated.

Live sessions during BNA2021 will be chaired and moderated. Delegates are expected to respect the choices of the moderator in selecting questions or comments, managing session times, etc.