Try before you buy

We invite you backstage to the International Festival of Neuroscience! 

Not sure the Festival's for you? Access the online Festival platform for a tiny sneak preview of what the International Festival of Neuroscience is all about - so you can try it out for size before you register.   

> See how the Festival’s been converted to being an online conference
> Look around the platform
> Check out what’s on offer in the programme (both during the Festival, and for 4 months afterwards)
> See who’s giving talks
> Explore the full list of posters
> Visit exhibitors pages and view their offerings

Access the platform for your tiny sneak preview by clicking on the link below:

Whet your appetite?

Once you’ve decided you want full access to the talks, networking, exhibitors, posters, discussion groups and more, then register here! Remember, it’s not just 4 days: recorded content will continue to be available on-demand for four months afterwards.

Click here to access the Festival platform backstage.