Scientific themes

There are eleven themes running through the scientific programme at BNA2019.  These ensure that the full range of neurocience interests are represented at the Festival. 

Each theme will be represeted by sympsosia, plenaries, workshops and poster sessions.

Click here for details of what is contained in each theme.

  1. Attention, motivation, behaviour
  2. Sensory and motor systems
  3. Neuroendocrinology and autonomic systems
  4. Neuronal, glial and cellular mechanisms
  5. Learning and memory
  6. Genetics and epigenetics
  7. Developmental neuroscience
  8. Psychiatry and mental health
  9. Novel treatments and translational neuroscience
  10. Neurodegenerative disorders and ageing
  11. Methods and technique
  • Other (e.g. history, teaching, outreach) - represented in poster sessions only