Sustainability at BNA2025

At the British Neuroscience Association (BNA), we are dedicated to advancing neuroscience research and fostering a vibrant scientific community. We are equally committed to ensuring that our activities contribute positively to the environment. Continuing from the success and positive uptake of our sustainable initiatives at BNA2023, we aim to strengthen the influence we have on our environmental impact.  

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses every aspect of the festival, from minimizing waste and reducing carbon footprints to encouraging eco-friendly practices among delegates.

Join us in our efforts to make this year’s festival not only a hub of scientific innovation but also a model of environmental responsibility. Together, we can ensure that our pursuit of knowledge leaves a positive legacy for future generations. Explore this page to learn more about our sustainability goals, the steps we're taking to achieve them, and how you can be a part of this important journey. 

The Carbon Footprint of BNA2023 

To tackle the sustainability of our festival, we set out to measure the carbon footprint of BNA2023. Calculating the carbon emissions of the various elements constituting our last Festival of Neuroscience was a critical step in understanding and mitigating our environmental impact. This comprehensive assessment involved analyzing various aspects of the event, including the energy consumption of the venue, transportation emissions from attendees and speakers, waste generated, and materials used throughout the festival. This process not only highlighted the key areas where we can reduce our carbon footprint but also provided valuable insights for planning more sustainable future events.

Our goal is to use these findings to implement effective strategies for reducing emissions and promoting eco-friendly practices, ensuring that the BNA Festival of Neuroscience continues to advance science responsibly. 

View the Sustainability Report of BNA2023 by clicking on the image to the right.