Partner Societies for BNA2019

The Festival is unique in creating a forum where multiple organisations join together to create a cross-disciplinary and celebratory neuroscience event, generating a genuinely diverse and stimulating mix of interests.

If you are a member of, or funded by, a Partnering Organisation, you can attend the Festival at significantly reduced rates.  See full details below

Festival Partners

For the 2019 BNA Festival, Neuroscience Ireland (NSI) and the British Society for Neuroendocrinology (BSN) have joined the BNA as Festival Partners.

Both societies have high level involvement in orgnaising the event, and both have convened a number of symposia and plenaries in a dedicated NSI stream and a BSN stream running throughout the Festival. All members of NSI and BSN can attend the meeting at reduced BNA-member registration rates.

Partner Societies

Partner Societies are a hugely important part of BNA2019 - bringing together different organistions with a shared interest in the brain and nervous system is what makes the BNA Festival a true Festival of Neuroscience. Each Partner Society -

  • convenes a symposium during the Festival programme, with free registration for speakers
  • is able to invite all their society members to attend the Festival at reduced BNA-member registration rates
  • will have their banner on display at the meeting, can have a full exhibition package for recuded fees, and is included in all Festival information and promotion

For further details of all symposia, please see the scientific programme.


Let's stick together - neurodegeneration an expanding disease spectrum, and Neuromuscular disorders - cutting edge of translation
Symposium: Lifespan development in individuals with Down syndrome and the potential of trisomy 21 as a biological model for the causes of Alzheimer's disease
Symposium: Mental illness in children and adolescents: neuroscience, ethics and practice in psychopharmacology
Symposium:  Neural stem cells and brain cancer
Symposium:  The multi-morbid old brain
Symposium: Advances in child neurology
Symposium:  The multi-morbid old brain
Symposium coming soon
Symposium: Educational neuroscience research into neurocognitive predictors of academic outcome
Symposium: Synaptic plasticity in health and disease
Symposium: The link between neuroinflammation and dysregulated metabolism in the context of age and Alzheimer's disease
Symposium: New directions in epilepsy research
Symposium: Vestibular cognition
Symposium:  Epigenetics of neuropsychiatric disorders
Sympoisum: Vascular neurology
Symposium:  Developing disease modifying therapies for Parkinson’s
Symposium: Sense and sensibility
Symposium: How stress affects endocrine systems and vice-versa: A brain-hormone crosstalk
Symposium:  Brain network development


Reduced fees for partnering organisations

Do you have an affiliation with any of the organisations listed on this page?  If so, you can attend the Festival for a significantly reduced registration rate!  You are eligible for reduced fees if you are a member of any of our partner societies:
British Association of Psychopharmacology
British Neuro-oncology Society
British Neuropathological Society
British Neuroscience Association
British Paediatric Neurology Association
British Pharmacological Society
British Psychological Society
British Society for Neuroendocrinology
Canadian Association for Neuroscience
Dementia and Neurodegeneration Network Ireland
Experimental Psychology Society
Genetics Society
International Neuroethics Society
Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience
Neuroscience Ireland
The Physiological Society
Society for Endocrinology
Societies des Neurosciences

You are also eligible for reduced fees if you are funded by any of our partnering charities:

Alzheimer's Research UK
Epilepsy Research UK
Parkinson's UK

How to register for less

During the registration process you will be prompted to select the organisation with which you are affiliated, as a member or by being funded.  If you are affiliated with more than one partner or charity, then simply select the one you feel to be most relevant.

If your society allocates membership numbers, please state your membership number in the box provided.

Once you have selected your partnering organisation, you will be presented with the reduced members' registration rates (either member or student member), and will be able to complete your booking.

After you have registered, we will then verify your membership / funding status with the relevant partnering organisation. 

If you have any questions about registering at partnering organisation fee rates, please contact us.