Festival themes

There are fifteen themes running through the scientific programme at BNA2021. These ensure that the full range of neurocience interests are represented at the Festival. Each theme is represeted by sympsosia, plenaries, workshops and poster sessions.

  1. Development and stem cells
  2. Neurons and glia: intrinsic properties, cell biology and cell types
  3. Synapses and plasticity
  4. Sensory and motor systems
  5. Cognition and behaviour
  6. Internal states and homeostasis
  7. Circuit dynamics and oscillations
  8. Computational and theoretical neuroscience
  9. Methods and technology development
  10. Psychiatry and mental health  
  11. Neurodevelopmental disorders
  12. Ageing and dementia
  13. Other neurological and neurodegenerative disorders
  14. Treatments and translational neuroscience
  15. Other (e.g. History, teaching, outreach, etc)